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My Secret Identity

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Dec. 24th, 2009 | 07:52 pm

I take this holiday season as the occasion to give you a present: my secret smut-writing identity.

Under the name Dame Syrup (an anagram of Mary Pseud) I have been filling naughty prompts at the LiveJournal communities Look At The Size Of That Thing! The Doctor Who Kink Meme and TouchYerWood: The Torchwood Kink Meme.

I thank all my new readers for your many kind words of praise and encouragement, and for giving me a multitude of wonderful prompts and the chance to try out different writing styles.

If you would like to see my stories for these communities, they are collected on the Teaspoon at this link.

Out of personal preference I do not intend to officially claim any RPF stories that I have done; however it should be obvious to anyone familiar with my style that one involves a sheep.

Rassilon bless us, every one!

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